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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brown Ice Cream

Hey guys!

So, this is my first blog! EVER! Wahoo! I feel kind of empowered! Yeah! Like oh idk a master writer that everyone can't wait to see the next post ha ha :D I don't think anyone will ever read this, but I highly enjoy typing and telling about my day :) So, this is the first of many.

Today, I took my 3 year old little brother Kasen to Macey's grocery store to relieve my mom of his hassle for an hour. He woke up after his nap and I felt it was a good idea to get him cute-i-fied! Yes, that is a new word in my vocabulary. Hey! It's my blog! I can say what I want! Ha Ha Ha ... Anyway, I put pomade in his hair and slipped his little blue vans on and off we went. He kept saying, "Ashley! Ashley! I see a twuck! A twuck Ashley! Look!!!" Oh goodness this was adorable! The further we kept driving down main street the more 'twucks' he saw. When we arrived at Macey's, he told me in detail which parking space to pick and he tightly held my hand as we skipped into the store. I continuously asked, "Do, you want vanilla, or chocolate ice cream, Kase?" and he kept looking up at me, giving a huge grin and no answer. When we got to the ice cream counter, I simply said, "White? or Brown?" Then he yelled at the top of his lungs, "BROWN!" and started to giggle. The nice lady at the counter couldn't help but giggle as well and she handed him the biggest ice cream cone I think he's ever seen! As we were eating our delicious treat, he would pose for me and say, "Take a pitture!" I laughed and pulled out my phone and took a few snap shots. I think he purposely smeared his ice cream all over his face just to look cute! I have to say hanging with the siblings isn't bad one on one, and it's safe to say my little brother is adorable!

Thanks for reading! :D

Peace & Blessings.